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How to create a Network Dataset from OSM Data

By jongarrido | September 4, 2015 | 0 Comment

For this purpose we need:

  • ArcGis 10.x
  • OSMEditor Toolbar (here).
  • Wget for windows (here) (optional).

The first step to create a OSM network is to download the OSM data. Then we will need to import the OSM data to a database and finally we will create de Network Dataset.

Downloading de OSM data.

For small amounts of data we can use the OSM tool Download OSM Data from OSMEditor toolbar.

For Huge amounts of data we need to use different ways:

  • Direct download from OSM CloudMade (here).
  • Using a map request. For this purpose:

First of all create a bounding box. For example using OSM Viewer with the export tab:

Then create the map request with the wget application from command prompt:

wget –timeout=0 -O myOSMDAta.osm “*[bbox=-117.27,32.63

Importing OSM data to a database

For this operation we will use a specific tool from OSM Editor Toolbar: Load OSM File

The target workspace should either be a file geodatabase or an enterprise (SDE) geodatabase.

Creating Network Dataset.

Before executing the Create OSM Network Dataset tool from OSM Editor Toolbar we need to do two important things:

  • Disable background Processing in “geoprocessing options” in ArcMap.
  • Restart ArcMap to unlock the OSM database schema.

Then, we need to give 3 parameters to the Create OSM Network Dataset tool:

  • Input OSM DataSet (the file we’ve created in the previous step).
  • OutPutNetworkDataset (the target)
  • Network configuration File.

The network configuration File  defines the rules for generating your network dataset from the OSM data. We can use for the initial creation of the Network Dataset a sample configuration file located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.1\ArcToolbox\Toolboxes\ND_ConfigFiles

For example DriveGeneric.xml

That’s all!!


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